At Graffham and Duncton schools it is of paramount importance that we keep all children safe, whilst at school and on the internet. 

Ofsted (2018)  praised “effective” safeguarding
“The school is built on a bedrock of strong, mutually respectful relationships. Each pupil is known individually by staff and this provides a secure environment in which pupils feel safe. You have placed the well-being of pupils at the heart of this school’s work. Staff are vigilant to any signs that a pupil may be at risk, and record and report their concerns promptly. Staff have received the right training to maintain a high standard of vigilance. Senior leaders understand their responsibilities to safeguard pupils. They offer helpful support, advice and guidance to families who are going through difficult times. Pupils understand the various forms of bullying, but are clear that it happens rarely. Parents agree that on the rare occasions that bullying does occur, staff deal with it quickly and decisively. One said, ‘The environment is one that provides a very safe surrounding for the children and there is zero tolerance of bullying.’”

Of Graffham, Ofsted (2021) say
Through the curriculum, pupils learn about keeping safe. Pupils feel confident in reporting any concerns they may have and feel that they will be acted upon.”

To read our Federation’s Child Protection Policy, please click here 

The government publication ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ can be read by clicking here.

What to do if you are concerned about a child

  • If any parent has a concern, contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead (Mrs Helen Martin) or the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (Mrs Sarah Jane Wethered and Ms Lisa Bassett) in school at any time
  • If any parent or member of the community has a substantial concern about any child, at any time, the West Sussex County Council ‘Children’s Access Point’ number is 01403 229900
  • The West Sussex ‘Integrated Front Door’ can be contacted on
    telephone –  01403 229900 – or by email –
  • The West Sussex Safeguarding Children Partnership can be contacted on
    telephone – 0330 222 7799
    email –
    and here is a link to their website https://www.westsussex
  • You can also report concerns directly to the NSPCC – online or by telephone, anonymously if you wish – by clicking this link to the NSPCC website

If you would like more advice and support on internet safety, the CEOP website is very good : click here

‘Channel’ and ‘Prevent’
Channel is a multi-agency process for identifying, referring and supporting any adult or child (of any faith, ethnicity or background) believed to be at risk of radicalisation, focusing on early intervention and engagement.

As part of a new standardised approach across the UK (introduced in September 2020), there is a new national referral form which can be found by clicking here
In West Sussex this form should be submitted to

If you have questions around potential referrals please speak to our Designated Safeguarding Leads, Mrs Helen Martin, Mrs Sarah Jane Wethered and Ms Lisa Bassett in the first instance – or contact this area’s Channel Panel Chair, Beverley Knight –