Forest School

Our forest school enables children to work collaboratively in a local piece of woodland: they learn about keeping themselves safe, making fire, making shelters and supporting their friends.

They learn the skills of resilience, independence and friendship alongside whittling and learning about the plants and animals that live in the forest – and they love being outside.


Both Graffham and Duncton Schools are part of the Forest Schools initiative and the Headteacher, an award-winning Geographer with a firm commitment to outdoor learning, leads all children from Wren Class upwards in dedicated Forest School sessions in local woodland.

Ofsted say
“The use of the Forest School ethos to help pupils take calculated risks in the outside environment also provides a major starting point for imaginative written and creative experiences.”
“Pupils are very enthusiastic about the ‘Forest School’ approach, showing respect and appreciation for the natural environment, and gaining confidence and independence through outdoor activities.”

Our children say
“I love Forest School – we get to be explorers and get all muddy!”