The OFSTED schedule expects all schools to think about the intent of their curriculum.
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This Curriculum Intent statement is built around our Learning Values, the 7Cs, and as such also serves as our Teaching & Learning Policy.

Ofsted say
“All lessons are challenging, interesting and motivating for the pupils.”
“Subject leaders work well as a team and make a valuable contribution to developing a curriculum that stimulates and involves pupils.”

This film is an introduction to the ethos and creative, child-led curriculum that we employ at our wonderful rural school..

If you would like to know more about the National Curriculum for Primary Schools, this is a useful website

Graffham (KS1) long-term, enquiry-based curriculum map
    Reception topic web for the first half of the Summer Term 2020
    Year 1 + Year 2 topic web for the first half of the Autumn Term 2020
    KS1 (Year 1 + 2) MATHEMATICS curriculum – objectives by term
    KS1 ENGLISH curriculum – objectives by term
    KS1 SCIENCE curriculum – objectives by term
KS1 Progression of knowledge and skills (foundation subjects)

At Graffham we teach Phonics using the Letters And Sounds programme, with Jolly Phonics actions.

Duncton (KS2) long-term, enquiry-based curriculum map
‘Survival’ Topic Web Years 5+6 Autumn Term 2020
‘Where My Wellies Take Me’ Topic Web Years 3+4 Summer 2021